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Monarch Aesthetica ~ Botox, Dysport & Neuromodulator Experts

What is MicroBotox? 

Microbotox is a dilute form of Botox (or Dysport) for delivery into the skin (as opposed to tradition muscle injections). We use the AquaGold Fine Touch for delivery of microbotox. This application of neuromodulators is becoming more popular in the US. 


Microbotox can be used alone or with other anti-aging solutions to offer a natural management of lines and wrinkles and improve tone and firmness of the skin. It works well for under eye wrinkles and large pores. This effect generally lasts 6 weeks, and is great for those special occasions when you wan to look refreshed.  

What is Botox?

Botox Cosmetic and other neuromodulators (NMs), such as Dysport and Xeomin, are injectable medications that are designed to reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles and lines by weakening muscles of treatment areas. NMs are purified proteins that are derived from botulinum neurotoxin. The application of neuromodulators have temporary effect of approximately 3-4 months. 

Do you offer Botox Parties?

We love Botox Parties! Parties cluster our appointment times around you and your friends. Guests enjoy a unique experience during their visit including comfort, convenience, and company.

Our “parties” do not sidestep any of the essential components of delivering safe care, which includes with a health history, discussion of benefits and risks, delivery of a clean, safe medical treatment and thorough post-care instructions. Additionally, you and your guests receive a special discount on Botox.

We offer our Mid-Mod office suite to for you to host a Botox Party for your friends. Contact us to find out how to plan a party with us.

How much?

We charge "by the unit" or based on how much you use. Some practices charge by the area regardless of how much is used. Depending on the target area, one area typically uses 20 units of Botox or 50 units of Dysport. Customized treatments will vary the amount to be given.

Our prices are posted on this website. We offer memberships to keep your treatments affordable. We will quote you on the our price prior to treatment.


Are there serious side effects from Botox?

There are potential side effects, and some pre-existing health conditions that make a patient ineligible to receive Botox (and Dysport) injections.


We offer a thorough consultation and review potential risks before your treatment. For comprehensive information on Botox Cosmetic, go to 

Less frequently asked questions...

“My Botox treatment is not lasting as long as it used to.”


Provided you are receiving the same amount of Botox in a given area, this could mean you are receiving too much Botox, too often.  It is recommended that you receive Botox ONLY every 3-4 months. 


Refrain from seeking Botox treatments as soon as small muscle activity returns, particularly if this interval is less than 3 months. Lines and wrinkles are still preventable, even though some expression facial expression is present.  

Switching to another product may also improve effectiveness.

“I can only spend $ XX, so I need spread 20 units over 3 areas.”  


BOTOX works best in the clinically tested amounts for specified areas. Under-treatment often leads to poor effect and shorter duration .  If you are on a budget, it is better to treat one target area completely than several areas lightly. Consider alternating treatment areas on your visits.  This will allow optimal coverage with lasting results.

“Do we dilute Botox?”


Yes.  Botox comes in a powder form and requires reconstitution.  However, our clients can be assured, that when one unit is quoted, one unit will be administered.

For Our Groupon Shoppers:  Please monitor your frequency of Botox use.  


It’s easy to eagerly buy Botox because you see a good promotion online.   Floating from place to place can lead to unintended overuse of Botox, which is unsafe and can lead to less effective applications, or worse, life-threatening situations.

Please find a provider you like and trust to help you manage your short and long term aesthetic goals.  Monarch Aesthetica is committed to bringing you safe and affordable treatments and affordable prices. 

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