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Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers have gained widespread use in facial rejuvenation. Most common filler products use formulations of hyaluronic acid to volumize facial tissue. The added dermal volume improves the appearance of volume loss features. A single syringe contains 1 ml (one-fifth teaspoon) of product. Results typically last for 9-24 months.


Use of dermal fillers is the number one contributing factor to dysmorphia among women over 30 years old. Quick changes in one's appearance can affect one's sense of identity and self-worth as it relates to body image.  


It is common for those who use fillers to develop a habitual practice. The artificial plumping effect of fillers wears off more quickly than natural aging, which many find to be an unsettling observation in the mirror.

Before you start using dermal fillers, talk to your health provider about the risks/benefits and pros/cons and all options available to rejuvenate the skin.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

  • Do you find you can not stop thinking about flaws in your appearance?

  • Do you feel so ashamed and anxious about flaws that you may avoid many social situations?

  • Do you intensely obsess over your appearance and body image?

  • Do you repeatedly check the mirror, groom yourself or seek reassurance, sometimes for many hours each day?

  • Does your perceived flaw and the repetitive behaviors cause you significant distress, and impact your ability to function in your daily life?

  • Do you seek numerous cosmetic procedures to try to "fix" your perceived flaw?

  • Are you dissatisfied shortly after “fixing the flaw”?  

Treatment of body dysmorphic disorder may require professional help and support, but the first step to recognize the symptoms.

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