Hair Removal

LHE technology offers hair removal in much the same way laser and IPL (Intense Pulse Light) removes hair. Light and energy delivered to the hair destroys the hair at its root beneath the surface of the skin.


Generally six to ten treatments are required. Timing of sessions is critical to capture active hair growth. Suggested treatment intervals for LHE hair removal are:l four treatments 2 weeks apart and then two treatments 4 weeks apart.


Discomfort during treatment largely depends on treatment areas, but cooling the skin during treatment makes this more tolerable.


Not everyone makes a good candidate for this treatment, particularly those with light colored or gray hair. Monarch Aesthetica offers free consultation for hair removal.  

COVID-19 Protocols: * Providers wear a mask at all times. * Appointment times are adjusted to reduce exposure to others and allow time for disinfecting surfaces. * HEPA filters are in each room. * Patients are required to wear masks. * Patients are encouraged to reschedule appointments is they feel unwell or have had high-risk exposures within 5 days of their appointments. * Cancellation fees are waived for cancellations due to illness. * Monarch Aesthetica offers rapid COVID-19 antigen and antibody screening for established patients.  * Monarch Aesthetica reserves the right to cancel appointments and reschedule services when perceived exposure to COVID-19 is high.

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