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LightStim @ Monarch Aesthetica

Only the Best Will Do

While LED light has been marketed for anti-aging benefits, not all LED applications are created equal. We've done the research so you don't have to. The LightStim LED bed is engineered to meet rigorous standards for FDA clearance.  


 Effective doses of red and infrared light are absorbed into skin for natural benefits with no negative side effects. .

Total Body Wellness

We are very eager to bring LED light therapy to you. LightStim LED Bed uses state-of-the-art technology for advanced cellular recovery and rejuvenation. This application of light broadly energizes all cells for high level fitness. Access health benefits that are sought by professional athletes and celebrities 

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 LightStim LED Bed

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Superior Cellular Recovery

Energize and repair cells with clinical application of red LED light. Cells become energized during this period of rest.

Sessions include exclusive use of Monarch Aesthetica's private LightStim room and solarium with yoga mats, stretching barre and massage chairs.

LightStim For Health & Beauty

Improve circulation

Reduce inflammation

Accelerate recovery

Reduce muscle fatigue

Reduce UV damage

Reduce cardiovascular disease

Reduce high blood pressure

Restore collagen

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