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Lutronic Aesthetics Spectra Laser

The Spectra Laser is known internationally for its effectiveness and safety in managing many cosmetic concerns for all skin types. The Spectra is of Korean engineering and design, a clear mark of precision and craftsmanship.


With dual mode  Q-switch and long pulse duration, the Spectra offers a wide of aesthetic applications including:

  • treatment of melasma and pigmented spots;

  • management of acne and rosacea

  • tattoo removal

  • evening of complexion toning and texture

  • several proprietary facials, including the carbon mask Hollywood Peel.

Cosmetic treatments with the Spectra laser are very well tolerated, producing minimal discomfort and no down time, making it an excellent "lunch time" treatment.


Please visit our Viceroy Tattoo Removal page for more information on tattoo removal services. 

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