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What is MicroBotox?

Monarch Aesthetica offers MicroBotox,which is an application of diluted Botox for design for  the skin (as opposed to muscle). This offers temporary skin by shrinking pores. MicroBotox is widely used around the World. 


Micro Botox can be used alone or with other anti-aging solutions to offer a natural management of lines and wrinkles and improve tone and firmness of the skin.   Monarch Aesthetica uses AquaGold FineTouch for delivery of MicroBotox.


AQUAGOLD Fine Touch is a microneedling delivery system designed for applying anti-aging solutions into the skin. AQUAGOLD uses gold-plated needles finer than hair for a painless treatment. Like microneedling, this treatment also stimulates collagen production. 

Aesthetic Uses for MicroBotox

MicroBotox offers a new method for managing of dynamic lines, especially in hard to treat places such as under the eyes.  MicroBotox also lifts sagging tissue of cheeks and neck to give the complexion and all round fresh and youthful appearance. MicroBotox treatments generally 2-3 months, but benefits of microneedling extend for several months beyond. 

There are potential side effects, and some pre-existing health conditions that make a patient ineligible to receive BOTOX injections. Have a thorough consultation with your healthcare provider before your treatments.  For a comprehensive information on Botox Cosmetic, go to 

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