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Platelet-Rich Plasma for Hair Restoration

Regenerate Hair Growth.

Yes! Monarch Aesthetica offers a natural hair restoration solution for clients in Walnut Creek, California. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) stimulates growth of more hair and thicker hairs. PRP (in blood) has growth factors known to regenerate tissue. PRP for hair regrowth is the newest first line treatment used for managing new patterns of thinning hair and balding (alopecia). Hair regrowth is among the best applications for PRP!


Treatments are minimally invasive requiring a blood draw and small injections into scalp. Monarch Aesthetica's PRP Hair Regrowth treatments will boost nearly all management programs. 

Eclipse PRP System

Monarch Aesthetica uses the Eclipse Aesthetics PRP system for collecting and concentrating platelets for hair regrowth. Eclipse is a leader in platelet systems and used by research institutions and hair transplant centers.

Professional Certification

Providers are trained and certified and follow established protocols for hair regrowth using Eclipse Aesthetic PRP system.

PRP hair banda.jpg

Get Started Today!

Best results are achieved when hair loss triggers are minimized. Monarch Aesthetica encourages clients to start supportive care with reputable oral supplements, such as Nutrafol, for one to two months prior to PRP treatments. (Nutrafol manages and corrects four main underlying issues contributing to hair loss.) 

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