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Melasma Management

Welcome!  The fact that you are on this page suggests you have personally researched information contributing to stubborn, facial pigmentation. We understand growing concerns with the safety and efficacy of the plethora of cosmetic treatments on the market, and we are committed to providing carefully considered treatment options to our clients.

We can boast of our Lutronic Spectra Laser, which is one of the two FDA approved laser in its class to treat melasma. Its low fluence modality has met rigorous standards in proven efficacy and safety for all skin types, particularly darker skin tones.

Among other recognized treatments, we offer microneedling. Effectiveness of microneedling for melasma was presented at the American Academy of Dermatology in March of 2017, although this treatment has been used in practice for many years. 

Our Advanced Corrective Peel by SkinCeuticals is yet another proven treatment option for managing deep pigment issues. Chemical peels can be done safely in select populations.

Management of melasma includes addressing pigmented and pigmenting cells and avoidance of triggers (where possible).  We would like to earn your trust during a free consultation and discuss a plan that starts you toward better outcomes for your skin.

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