Patient information on RF-Microneedling

RF-microneedling delivers natural-looking results.

The newest generation of RF-microneedling  corrects age-related changes in the skin by stimulating repair of supporting structures with radio-frequency (RF) energy. Secret-RF is FDA cleared for skin tightening. Clinical studies demonstrate additional benefits of lifting and firming and correction of scars.


Monarch Aesthetica in Walnut Creek, California offers non-surgical skin tightening with Secret-RF.


RF microneedling just got better with newly designed technology for more applications, fewer risks and better outcomes.

  • Lift and firm skin laxity.

  • Correct surgical, traumatic and acne scars.

  • Smooth crepey skin, deep wrinkles and early folds

  • Improve the effects of Botox and fillers*

  • Enjoy minimal downtime with the newest, minimally invasive treatment..

The First Choice for Tightening & Lifting

  • Natural repair, natural results.

  • Longer-term benefits.

  • Great for all skin.

  • Low risk profile.

  • Minimally invasive.

  • Minimal downtime.

  • Affordable cost.

We are committed to offering the best choices for your skin.

Before Your RF Treatment

* Do not schedule RF sessions within 4 weeks Botox or 8 weeks of fillers treatments.

COVID-19 Protocols: * Providers wear a mask at all times. * Appointment times are adjusted to reduce exposure to others and allow time for disinfecting surfaces. * HEPA filters are in each room. * Patients are required to wear masks. * Patients are encouraged to reschedule appointments is they feel unwell or have had high-risk exposures within 5 days of their appointments. * Cancellation fees are waived for cancellations due to illness. * Monarch Aesthetica offers rapid COVID-19 antigen and antibody screening for established patients.  * Monarch Aesthetica reserves the right to cancel appointments and reschedule services when perceived exposure to COVID-19 is high.

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