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Best Practices

Welcome to our new blog. We will be using this page to share practical, up-to-date aesthetic information to keep you informed on skin care topics and tips for a healthy-looking complexion. With “Best Practices” we aim to provide evidence-based recommendations drawn from standards of care and scientific support, as well as clinical observation.

The abundance of information and treatments is overwhelming, making it difficult to choose products and trust sales staff. Hyperbole and anecdotal claims can lure people toward expensive and ineffective beauty treatments. For consumers, some decisions default to “why not try it” or “been there - done that” or “no pain no gain”. In her research Dr. Zoe Draelos, a dermatologist and expert in aesthetics, found that the consuming public “frankly doesn’t care about proof,” they are just happy to consume.

We hope information here guides well-informed decisions about skin care products and in-office treatments. In dermatology, if you ask 100 providers how to best manage a given problem, you may get 100 different opinions. Furthermore in aesthetics, there is a lot of variability in individual outcomes for any one given treatment. Information presented will be current at the time of publication. Please use common sense in its application.

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