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Old Remedies with New Applications

Clinical studies testing the effects of snail secretions can now explain and support the value of treatments that sound rather gross. Tempting as it may be to harvest one of those garden snails and apply it to your face, the snail Cryptomphalus aspersa (SCA), specifically, is the species of snail that offers rejuvenating properties to improve deep lines, scars and photoaging in the skin.

Use of snail secretions can be dated back to Ancient Greece, when Hippocrates reported using snail to heal inflammatory conditions of the skin. Other early observations found snail handlers had rapid wound healing.

The secretions (not trail slime) has potent antioxidants, superoxide dimutase and glutathione-S-transferase, which protect proteins in the dermal layer of skin. As a growth factor, SCA stimulates collagen production and slows collagen (and other protein) destruction. In clinical studies, there is significant improvement of deep lines around the eyes after 8-12 weeks. Other snail species, such as Achatina fulica, have been studies in wound management for their antimicrobial properties, which were diet-dependent.

We will be carrying Biopelle® SCA Biorepair products for an added boost to your next clinical facial or home regimen.

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