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Skin Care of Yester-Year

It’s interesting to consider perspectives of beauty and treatments used over the past 100+ years. We’ve collected a few items of days gone by that are in our display cabinet in the office. Some of the interesting things found on this short journey in time, include the Bisque Beauties (c. 1920) and Creme Vitonia (c. 1960).

Bisque Bathing Beauty figurines of the 1920’s reflected emerging styles casting off the modesty of the Victorian Era. The minute dolls were often cast in suggestive poses and sported painted-on bathing suits or nothing at all. More history and fun facts are in a book: Bawdy Bisques and Naughty Novelties: German Bathing Beauties and Their Risqué Kin by Sharon Hope Weintraub. Ms. Weintraub also blogs @

Weight loss remains the top aesthetic service requested by consumers. We do not offer weight loss at Monarch Aesthetica, but direct interested clients to CoolSculpting offered in the Office of Louis A. Klein, MD. Visit for more information.

Creme Vitonia by Antonio de Paris was an exclusive rejuvenating product harnessing the wonders produced from facials applying vitamins and chicken embryo extract. Here we see the emergence of stem cell treatments before their discovery. Other products of this era included placenta and hormones. Antonio de Paris was a hairdresser, in fact the first celebrity hairdresser. He popularized “the bob” in the 1920s, which hairdressers thought would ruin them, because at that time their work focused on “dressing hair” not cutting it.

Latching onto celebrity is still a common marketing practice. Some offices create their own label for pre-formulated serums and creams. We recommend reviewing product content for duplicity and effectiveness.

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