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May The Services Resume

We Are Thinking of You

We hope you're riding out the Shelter-In-Place in good spirits. This is a challenging period. While we have modified the structure of our practice, we understand our challenges likely pale in comparison to many of yours. We extend a heartfelt shoutout of support. During this latter part of May, business restrictions are beginning to ease up. We do not view this as a sign of lesser viral threat! As people share more space and air, the Covid-19 virus will spread. That said, we have protocols to place to minimize viral exposure at our office.

Office & Personnel

Primary care in our practice is something that has not changed; clients see one provider during their entire visit. This intrinsically minimizes unnecessary exposure to others in the office. In compliance with the county health department, our Social Distancing Policy is posted at our front door. There are hand sanitizing stations around the office and at the front door. We are in good health during our workdays, and change into clean scrubs and shoes onsite. We will be wearing mask and gloves during your visit. New HEPA filters are in each office. Social distancing should not be an issue in our spacious lobby, but to further protect everyone appointment times are lengthened to reduce encounters with others in the lobby. We are disinfecting treatment areas after each visit.

Aesthetic Services

Until we understand more about clusters of viral spread, we will be using Contra Costa County "new infection" data to gauge relative spread and exposure risk. When the 3 day average number of new cases is:

  • Low (less than 15): services with mask off will be offered after a COVID antibody rapid screening test.

  • Moderate (15-29): only services with a mask on (basically Botox & Dysport) will be available.

  • High (30 or more): the office will be closed!

As you can surmise, appointments may change on short notice. By sharing this protocol, you will be able to predict possible changes in the schedule. We will also keep your visit as short as possible. Yet, despite our best efforts to reduce the risk of exposure, the risk will not be zero. We are required to have you sign a consent acknowledging this possible risk of COVID-19 virus exposure.

COVID-19 Screening

We are offering COVID-19 antibody rapid tests in the office. This is a finger prick test with results in 15 minutes. The results indicate IgM (first antibody response) and IgG (lasting antibody immunity). We will not be able to offer treatment if IgM is positive. The FDA is aware of the distribution of this test for in office services. It has a reliability of 95%. The cost is $50 if you would like this done at the time of treatment.

Please contact your primary care provider if you have symptoms. We are not equipped to care for you if you are ill. Contra Costa County is offering COVID-19 screening for all residents, and will accept insurance. We can accept the results of the county's test if is done within the week of your appointment, and your activity does not place you have high risk of exposure.

Thanks for Doing Your Part

Please reschedule if in the 2 weeks prior to your appointment you have been sick or have been caring for someone who is sick. You will not be penalized for cancellations. Please. wear a mask when you arrive. Finally,

Don vigilant protection when out and about. Daily exercise, good nutrition ~ without a doubt.

Good health comes with good rest.

We wish the best.

Click Here when you're ready to manage that pout. We wish the best for your health, and hope to see you soon.

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