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Spa Every Day

We are often asked at our practice if we offer facials. Categorically, our facials fall under what would be described as a clinical facial, as opposed to a spa facial. While our treatments are not painful, they are generally less comfortable than a facial massage, and they most definitely deliver observable improvements.

Research and clinical practice favors more gentle treatment of the skin. (A swing of the pendulum toward less is more.) This is particular true for drier, ageing or sensitive skin and during cold, dry winter months. This means:

  • less washing with cleansers that strip natural oils;

  • less frequent use of retinoid creams,

  • short showering with tepid water and less bathing in hot water.

  • use of moisturizers to prevent transdermal water loss.

Despite having said that, I'm going to share my Spa Every Day recipe, which partially contradicts the afore mentioned points. It effectively rejuvenates body and soul, and is worth sharing. Our family enjoys having a private sauna at our cottage in the Midwest. This recipe is an adequate substitution for the private sauna and a perfect solution for public spas. Use common sense in its application.


  • Second shower curtain and rod, assuming you already have a shower curtain or door for your bath/shower.

  • Shower stool with safety footers to avoid slipping

  • Thick and thirsty cotton robe, fluffy towels, warm slippers

  • Hair dryer plugged in at bed side.

  • Nicely prepped bed with fresh sheets and blankets. Maybe a cup of herbal tea or cucumber water at your bedside table.

DIRECTIONS: Are you ready?

1) Prep your shower by mounting the second shower rod so it runs parallel to the regular shower curtain rod on the opposite wall. Hang the second curtain on the same rings or interspersing the rings of your original shower curtain.

2) Drape the bottom of the second curtain over the opposite rod, creating a "tent" to contain steam.

After washing, while still in the steam tent:

3) Step away from the flow of water and towel dry your hair and body.

4) Slather your favorite moisturizer or essential oil over skin that is chronically dry.

5) Wrap yourself in your robe and your hair in a towel, and let the warmth penetrate your body.


6) After steam phase, slip into bed either robed or disrobed.

7) Blast some warm, dry air under the covers with the hair dryer for a few seconds and set aside.

8) Rest, meditate or sleep soaking up simple luxury... You are going to feel great when you rise!

9) Drink some water when you get up.

With all the time saving tips on rejuvenating your body and soul, we can get down to business on rejuvenating your skin at the office.

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