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The Slippery Slope of Vendor Bias

Time's up for the professional solicitation of expensive moisturizers and serums. The beauty product wars will have to be battled out in traditional marketing fields by the companies that make them.

Today, medical institutions are eliminating acceptance of gifts from pharmaceutical companies, ranging from luncheons and free samples to notepads and pens. Marketing with gifts can subliminally sway professional opinion, advice and intervention. Carrying inventory of a product line can be even more damaging to objectivity.

To blur the lines of objectivity, most product lines base effectiveness of their skin care products on small sample sizes and lack peer reviewed clinical studies. Compounded with the wide range of variability in people's skin, it is very difficult to call one product superior to another.

Today, the very same products sold in dermatology offices and med spas can be found with competitive prices at new cosmetic stores and online platforms. For our clients' convenience, we will still carry a few of the skin care fundamentals, specifically physical block sunscreens and topical antioxidants. Even though we will continue to carry a limited range of products, our clients should know we do not endorse one professional product line over another.

Our mission at Monarch Aesthetica is not to sell products. Our mission is to help clients achieve aesthetic goals using evidence-based practices.

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