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Beyond Skin Rejuvenation

The appearance of our skin is just one manifestation of overall health and aging. Therefore, managing healthier and more youthful appearances entails more than just Botox and fillers. Broadly and specifically, we strive to support natural cell function and limit adverse cell stress.

Hydrate. Drink an adequate amount of water.  There no "magic quantity." Drink sugarless fluids in quantities that produce light yellow urine. This will vary by individual and activity. 

Reduce free radicals. Oxygen singlets produced from UV exposure, inflammation, smoke and smoking overwhelm natural mechanisms to neutralize this unstable and damaging element. Avoid oxidative stressors when possible and consider including antioxidants in your diet and skin care routine.

Avoid sugar.  If I told you dietary sugar was as bad as smoking, you'd think that was a bit extreme. The harmful aging effects sugar are understated. Avoid all forms of sugar, including hidden sugars in bread, cereals, processed starches and even natural sugars of fruits and fruit juices!  This is not a difficult at it sounds. Try nuts, cheese, avocado, low-carb veggies, deviled eggs. Ask about my keto-bonbons at your next visit! Sugar affects liver function, and its metabolism increases free radicals. It's best if we ALL follow a diabetic diet.

Reduce the ever-amorphous "stress". We only live one life, and you will not get your years back. Identify stressors and make changes in your life that will reduce stress. Seek professional help if you have difficulty with this.

Exercise. Exercise is one of the most effective antioxidants. If you are investing in anti-aging treatments, invest time into exercise. You do not have to be a gym rat, but you do need discipline.

Seek light-based treatments. There are specific wavelengths of light that can turn on youthful genes and suppress aging genes. Furthermore, newer clinical applications of LED red and infrared light facilitate cellular recovery, reduce inflammation, reduce blood pressure, improve circulation and reduce pain. 

We, at Monarch Aesthetica, have a number of light-based treatments for facial rejuvenation. The addition of the LED LightStim bed offers total body rejuvenation to benefit all cells for well-rounded physical fitness, energy and mental acuity. It is the only LED light bed to significantly increase nitric oxide, the most important molecule related to energy and aging. 

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